Chris “Kazz” Caswell

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Film Soundtracks

A Kiss Good Night Desert Steel The Snow Queen
A Muppet Christmas Carol* Jack and the Bean Stock The Snow Queen’s Revenge
Chinatown Connection Lucky Ducks The Ugly Duckling


Title Produced
A Chipmunk Christmas Soundtrack & Songs
Alvin And The Chipmunks (We’re The Chipmunks) Theme Song
Bimble’s Bucket Soundtrack & Theme Song
Digit & Dawson Soundtrack & Theme Song
Happily Ever After (Henny Penny, King Midas, Pinocchio, and The Pied Piper) Soundtrack
Santa’s Last Christmas Soundtrack
The Bold And The Beautiful
(Should I Care, I’ll Stop At Nothing, Christmas Kiss)
The Santa Letters Soundtrack
Voice Of The Planet (Mini-Series) Soundtrack & Theme Song
Yo Gabba Gabba (Rainbow Connection) Song


Jack And The Beanstalk (Soundtrack) – Hallmark / Crayola
Love Wants To Dance – Paul Williams Live In Japan
Poetic Justice
Speak Your Heart – Katie Drake
The Ugly Duckling (Soundtrack) — Hallmark / Crayola